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David Napier.

David Napier (1790-1869), often regarded as the Father of Clyde Shipbuilding, transformed the Clyde with the development of steam driven paddle steamers. 


Elizabeth Blackwell.

Elizabeth Blackwell (1821-1910), the world's first woman doctor, endured much gender hostility while pursuing a career as a doctor and medical pioneer.


Harry Lauder.

Harry Lauder (1870-1950) was one of Scotland's greatest entertainers, and in his time became a household name at home and overseas. 


Prince Charles Edward Stuart (aka Bonnie Prince Charlie).

Prince Charles Edward Stuart (1720-1788) was a Jacobite Prince whose brief period in Scotland has been heavily over-romanticised.  We examine the period before the 1745-6 Jacobite rebellion, during it, and its aftermath, including Charles's long years in exile. 

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Henry Bell.

Henry Bell (1767-1830) was the first person in Europe to develop a commercial steamship service with his boat ‘The Comet’, despite sceptics such as James Watt ridiculing the idea.                                                     

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Richard Oswald.

Richard Oswald (1705-1784) was one of the first Scottish global entrepreneurs, gaining part of his wealth through the slave trade.  On behalf of the British Government, he signed the preliminary 1782 Treaty of Paris, which allowed the American colonists their independence. 


The True Story of Doctor David and Mary Livingston.

Doctor Livingstone (1813-1873) became a missionary and explorer in Africa.  He was the first white man to discover the Victoria Falls and a fierce campaigner against the slave trade.  However, he had a number of personal failings, including a neglect of his wife and family.  In this production, both David and his wife Mary tell their story.


We also offer non-historical shows  These are:


Para Handy.

Two contemporary tales of the crew of the famous puffer the Vital Spark


Fawlty Towers.

A tale of life in the famous hotel, where the local council environmental health department has serious concerns.