About us

Cultural Connections was created in 2000 to promote Scottish Traditional Music and Scottish History.  Scotland has a particularly rich musical historical and cultural heritage.

Scottish traditional / celtic music has increased significantly, in both participation and popularity in the last two decades, and we are happy to be actively involved in this as organisers and promoters. 

Since 2005, we have expanded our commitment to promoting Scottish History by using drama and music.  Our productions aim to make Scottish History come alive in an educational and entertaining way, using professional actors and musicians.  Too often, this history is neglected by the educational system, the media and Scottish society at large.  Consequently, many of us in Scotland have only a scant knowledge of our past.

Who are we?

At our core is Dave and Lorna Dewar.  Dave is the writer, director and sometimes actor.  Lorna deals with the administration.  For our shows, we use a pool of freelance actors and musicians.  We have our own musical director, and all shows include music.